About cambridge

Cambridge is one of the best small cities in the UK, situated in the East of England and 50 miles of north of London. With a population of approximately 143,653 including 21,000 students; the world-famous University and its Colleges are at its core. 

Founded in 1209, it’s the world’s third-oldest University boasting 90 affiliated Nobel Laureates. Visitors to Cambridge can immerse themselves in the academic ambience and follow in the footsteps of famous Alumni in a city that has been at the heart of world-changing discoveries for centuries. 

With over 800 years of history, you can tread in the steps of famed alumni – from Isaac Newton and Rosalind Franklin to Charles Darwin. Jocelyn Bell Burnell and Stephen Hawking; William Wordsworth, Sylvia Plath and Samuel Pepys. In more recent times, Stephen Fry, Emma Thompson, Zadie Smith and Prince Charles. 

The city leads the way in innovation, research, science and technology; there’s a tangible passion for the sharing of knowledge between academia and business, it’s where great minds meet and where delegates can escape the norm for an experience like no other. Being a compact city, the medieval streets of the historic centre are easily discovered on foot, or in the traditional way - by bicycle! 

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