World Congress on Family Law & Children’s Rights
Cambridge, United Kingdom
27-30 July 2025

Welcome to the 9th World Congress on Family Law & Children’s Rights, to be held in Cambridge, United Kingdom from 27-30 July 2025 in partnership with the Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge. 

The theme of this congress is Children Caught in Conflict-Inspiring Positive Change.

The Congress is a major international event, held every 4 years, focussing on the rights of children and youth, and family law and family law processes. In the current geopolitical environment, nothing is more important than the rights of children caught in many conflicts including inter-familial conflicts, identity issues, environmental conflicts, on-line predators, bullying and those tragically caught up in theatres of war. There is no more important time to confront these challenges and try to find solutions. 


 The World Congress provides a platform for the convergence of...

Medical professionals

Non-government associations
Social Scientists


All with a common interest in the active protection of children and in sharing best practices to promote the rights of children and family law issues. 

In partnership with

Located in the wonderful medieval city of Cambridge, the Conference will examine a range of topics such as:

  • Children and the justice system
  • Child protection
  • Children’s rights and the modern family 
  • Children in situations of vulnerability
  • Children and Identity
  • Gender, disability and equality Children’s digital rights
  • Transparency and innovation in family court proceedings
  • Digital advances in resolving family disputes
  • Non-court dispute resolution processes including for cross border families and children
  • Family Violence and violence against women including coercive Control
  • Sustainable development, the environment and children’s rights
  • Poverty and children’s rights
  • Child trafficking, forced marriage, female genital mutilation and exploitation of children
  • Regional and international protection of children’s rights
  • Children affected by war and other internecine conflicts

In addition, in a world of highly mobile families, the conference will give attention to the ways in which family law meets the various needs of families in whatever form, in order to provide a structure which can effectively and justly provide for its members who are the subject of relationship breakdown. 

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