West Road Concert Hall

Welcome lecture: Sunday 27 July

This prestigious venue, nestled within the University of Cambridge, is home to the University's Faculty of Music but also doubles up as an attractive and functional conference venue. Centrally located in the charming city of Cambridge, the West Road Concert Hall promises an unforgettable visit and is the perfect location for our opening lecture plenary. 

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Faculty of Law

Main conference: Monday 28 - Wednesday 30 July

Steeped in a legacy of legal scholarship since the 13th century, the Faculty of Law isn't just a place to learn – it's a crucible for shaping legal minds that have changed the world. Engage with world-renowned professors and immerse yourself in a vibrant intellectual community. Walk the same halls as legal luminaries and feel the weight of history that fuels legal innovation. The Faculty of Law offers an unparalleled opportunity to hone your legal intellect and become part of its extraordinary legacy.

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King's College

Welcome reception: Sunday 27 July

Founded by a king in 1441, King's College isn't just a prestigious academic institution – it's a breathtaking architectural marvel. Be awestruck by the soaring majesty of King's College Chapel, its stained glass windows shimmering with stories of old. Immerse yourself in the rich history that permeates the College grounds, and feel the pulse of intellectual achievement that has thrived here for centuries. King's College offers a truly unforgettable encounter with Cambridge's grandeur.

We hope to welcome you to the College's Back Lawn for an 'al fresco' evening welcome reception, overseeing King's College Chapel, the River Cam and the famous Cambridge 'Backs'

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St. Johns College

Gala dinner: Tuesday 29 July

Founded in 1511, St John's isn't just a college – it's a vibrant community steeped in tradition. Wander through ancient courtyards bathed in the glow of centuries past, and uncover the secrets held within its majestic architecture. St John's offers a glimpse into the heart of Cambridge's academic legacy, promising an experience that is both scholarly and enchanting.

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Mark your calendars! Monday's 'Restaurant Night' is a World Congress tradition where attendees can enjoy a casual social evening out on the town. Click the button below to learn more!

Restaurant Night

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